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Labrador sticker / decal
Labrador sticker / decal

Labrador sticker / decal

Labrador sticker, Labrador dog sticker, Labrador dog sticker, Labrador sticker for car! Labrador car sticker can be stuck on glass, furniture, laptop and wall too! Contour-cut sticker made of quality material!


Weather resistant (5 years durability outdoors, indoors: ∞)
For both outdoors and indoors
Custom size possible
Stable, secure grip
It does not require expertise to install
It sticks to walls, metal, wood, and plastic

Contour-cut sticker, therefore the black part shown in the picture (or whatever color you order) will only be visible after sticking on the surface, the white background will not!

All stickers are self-adhesive, so their application does not require special expertise!
It is important that all stickers can stick to all the listed surfaces!
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